The cutting-edge research conducted at iHESP represents an important step in closing the gap between climate and weather prediction by allowing climate model resolution to approach weather resolving scales. We expect that the research products generated by iHESP will contribute significantly to improving predictive skill of weather and climate extremes on regional scales.

An illustration of effect of increasing model horizontal resolution from 27 km to 1 km on simulations of Hurricane Katrina (Animation By Christina Patricola).


High-Resolution Climate Simulation and Prediction Experiments

This theme focuses on identification and quantification of the role of ocean fronts/mesoscale eddies and their interactions with the atmosphere and sea-ice in climate variability/change and climate predictability/predictions through carrying out an unprecedented ensemble of ocean-mesoscale-eddy-resolving and TC-permitting simulations.

Model Improvement for Regional and Global Earth System Models

Regional coupled model simulation of North Pacific storm systems iteracting with the Kuroshio Current and its eddies (Animation By Raffaele Montuoro).

This theme aims at improving model physical processes and developing a new modeling framework to allow online dynamical downscaling within the CESM framework.

Coupled Data Assimilation Development for Climate Prediction

This theme is devoted to the development of an online coupled data assimilation capability for CESM for subseasonal-to-decadal climate predictions at high resolutions.

Modeling Tools

Global Earth System Model

Regional Earth System Model


  1. High-resolution CESM present and future climate simulations

  2. High-resolution ensemble CESM decadal climate prediction

  3. High-resolution ocean model improvement and development

  4. Development of R-CESM and online nesting capability for CESM

  5. Development of online coupled data assimilation capability for R-CESM and CESM