iHESP Products

Products from the iHESP project will be made publically and freely accessible as they become available in the near future.

Model Code

  • Openly accessible high resolution CESM code that is optimized for both Intel multi-core and Sunway many-core HPC system.
  • Openly accessible and documented RCESM code.

Model Datasets

Datasets from high-resolution ocean mesoscale-eddy-resolving and atmospheric TC permitting climate simulations:

Data from CESM-HR-MIP

  • Perpetual 1950-climate simulation for 130 years
  • Perpetual 1950 spinup (30 years) followed by continuously-varying climate forcing from 1950-2050

Data from CESM-HE (present and future climate simulations)

  • 500-year, pre-industrial control simulation with perpetual climate forcing of 1850
  • 70-year transient climate simulation with observed climate forcing from 1850 to 1920,
  • Ensemble of 5-10 present and future climate simulations with observed and projected climate forcing from 1920 to 2050.

Data from CESM-DP-HE

  • 60-year simulation from 1958 to 2018 of the high-resolution ocean-ice model forced by the JRA55-do dataset (a modified version of the JRA-55 atmospheric reanalysis dataset designed for ocean and sea-ice modelling).
  • Ensemble of decadal climate predictions at ocean-mesoscale-eddy resolving and TC-permitting resolution for about 2000 model years.


Publications exploring benefits of high resolution climate simulations related to the project.

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