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Fall 2021 Schedule


Spring 2021 Schedule
Date Speaker Title
Sept 10 Xue Liu
Sept 17 Dan Fu Distinct Tropical Cyclone Future Projections in Coupled and Uncoupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model Experiments
Sept 24 Sanjiv Ramachandran Comparison Of High-Resolution CESM Forced Ocean-Ice Simulations With And Without A Submesoscale Parameterization
Oct 1 Xiao Yu Amazon Plume Barrier Layer Structure Analysis and It's Impact on Hurricane Intensification
Oct 8 Qiuying Zhang A Coupled Modeling Strategy to Reduce Initialization Shocks of Decadal Predicitions
Oct 15 Gaopeng Xu
Oct 22 Dapeng Li Enhanced sea level rise in Gulf of Mexico under global warming
Oct 29 Chi-Jui Chen Monsoon - Observation Characteristics and Climate Model Biases
Nov 5 Yun Liu

Ensemble-based Parameter Estimation for threshold type of parameter

Nov 12 Amanda Black A look at the Great Plains southerly low-level jet”, with a short abstract about the talk included below
Nov 19 Xiaoqi Wang Onboarding iHESP researchers to the new TAMU HPRC cluster Grace
Nov 26 No presenation this week.  Enjoy Thanksgiving!
Dec 3 Nick Shapiro
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Abishek Gopal Title Coming Soon
Jaison Kurian Title Coming Soon